Want to Give up Smoking???

We are starting our Smoking Cessation group offering support to anyone wishing to give up smoking. The support meetings will be held every Tuesday night for 12 weeks commencing 3rd January 2017 from 8-9 pm.

Come along for help and support with information and Nicotine Replacement Therapies also provided.

We are very proud of Majella Loughran who is now the Face of Northern Ireland for No Smoking Day 2017.

Majella attended our Quit Smoking Support group and has been an inspiration and support to others to help them also succeed in giving up the cigarettes.

We will be hosting events on No Smoking Day on 8th March 2017 and our Quit Smoking support group 2017 will continue to meet in the Oak HLC every Tuesday night at 7:30pm.
Watch out for more promotion events leading up to NO Smoking Day on March 8th 2017.